Harbourlife 2023

Harbourlife is Sydney’s spectacular waterside party brought to you by Fuzzy. 

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Fleet Steps

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Saturday 18 November 2023


Public transport recommended. Limited parking available


 2 pm - 10 pm

Sold out

This event is now SOLD OUT.

Situated at Mrs Macquarie’s Point, Harbourlife creates the best-located dance floor in the country and plays host to a hand-picked selection of international and local house music artists.

With an iconic venue, killer soundtrack and the best vibes, it’s no wonder it’s renowned as the quintessential Sydney party to kick off the summer season.

Artists starring: 

Meduza, Patrick Topping 

Biscits, Braxe + Falcon 

Mell Hall, Oden & Fatzo, Willo 

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