Keep the Fire Burning at Sydney

Set against the backdrop of Gadigal country, this school holidays program invites young minds to delve deep into the heritage of First Nations fire practices.

Smoke during an Aboriginal Heritage Tour at the Garden

Rathborne Lodge, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney


10, 11, 16 and 17 July 2024 


10am – 11:30am


$18.50 Child 

$16.50 Foundation & Friends members


1.5 hours

Discover the art of fire

Guided by our knowledgeable First Nations guides, children will uncover the secrets of local fire traditions while immersing themselves in the heartbeat of Country. 

Through captivating storytelling and interactive experiences, they'll learn the language of nature and explore the intricate relationship between plants and First Nations land management practices, discovering the materials that have sustained communities for generations through the art of fire. 

Witness how the seasons are read and observed with an ancient wisdom, guiding the optimal times for harnessing the power of flame. Discover the myriad purposes behind First Nations fire practices, from nurturing the health of communities to safeguarding the vitality of landscapes and wildlife. Gain insights into the profound connections between people, place, and the sacred element of fire. 

But the journey doesn't end there! Kids will then step into the role of a cultural steward as they try their hand at crafting fire with traditional tools, forging a personal connection to the timeless traditions of our ancestors.

Join us at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, and ignite curiosity and respect for the wisdom of First Nations cultures.

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Burnt Coast Banksia cones opening up after fire