Learn from the Expert - Nature Photography

Take your photography to the next level!

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Australian PlantBank, Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan


21 January - beginner nature photography

18 February - intermediate nature photography

10 March - bird photography

14 April - fungi photography

19 May - flower photography

16 June - bird photography

14 July - beginner nature photography


8:15am - 1pm



$120 per person


4.75 hours

Take your photography to the next level!

Workshops are led by nature-lover and award-winning photographer Glenn Smith.

Glenn has won many competitions, has been featured online with Australian National Geographic, and has been running photography classes in the Garden for many years.

These workshops will cover the many varied aspects of improving your nature photos, as well as hands-on application in the Garden. You will learn to use your camera in the easiest possible way.

Please note:

  • This is an outdoor activity, please wear comfortable footwear and clothing appropriate for weather conditions
  • All workshops include morning tea
  • Bring along a digital SLR camera (iPhone photography not recommended)


There are five different workshops to choose from depending on your interests and experience.

Beginner nature photography

If you are a budding photographer with a passion for the natural world this is the course for you! Learn from an expert nature photographer about how to take stunning images of flora and fauna in the Australian Botanic Garden!

Intermediate nature photography

Continue to grow your photography skills in this intermediate nature photography workshop. Suited for people who are a little more familiar with a camera - perhaps you are newer to digital photography or have already done our beginner workshop. 

After recapping some beginner's skills, this workshop will teach you new skills and tricks that will take your nature photography to the next level! 

Bird photography

In this course you will learn all about photographing the native bird species at the Australian Botanic Garden.

You will discover hidden gem locations that are full of birdlife to capture and learn lots of tips and tricks from the expert on composition, exposure, and how to position yourself to get THE shot!

Fungi photography

Learn how to create enchanting images of mushrooms and fungi in the garden! If you are ready to level-up your macro and close-up photography game, this is the workshop for you.

Flower photography

Aimed at anyone looking to improve their flora photography, this workshop will teach you how to use colour, light, and depth of field to take stunning images of flowers! We've planned this to coincide with the annual paper daisy display.


Sunday 21 January8:15am - 1pmBeginner
Sunday 18 February8:15am - 1pmIntermediate
Sunday 10 March8:15am - 1pmBird photography
Sunday 14 April8:15am - 1pmFungi photography
Sunday 19 May8:15am - 1pmFlower photography
Sunday 16 June8:15am - 1pmBird photography
Sunday 14 July8:15am - 1pmBeginner
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