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Spark kids' curiosity and love for nature with our home-based activities and fascinating facts. From art to treasure hunts, planting seeds to insect exploration, we offer fun and engaging ideas to keep young minds entertained and learning about the natural world.

spring gardening tips thumbnail
Sensory gardens are designed to stimulate the senses with a variety of aromas, textures, colours and shapes.
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A range of different sticks, some with clay wrapped around them, sitting on a piece of sandstone
Did you know that people have been using digging sticks as tools for thousands of years?
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no dig garden thumbnail
Create the ideal home for your vegetable garden by making perfect soil that is full of life.
Gardening tips
Two people holding a piece of woven plant fibre in their hands
Create a rope just like the Cadi people would have used for hunting, binding, building, clothing and more.
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bug wildlife thumbnail
A place to stay – for your six-legged friends.
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recycled seeds thumbnail
Learn how to reuse food containers to grow your seeds.
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An outdoor scene, two students with magnifying glasses looking at orchids
Over hundreds of thousands of years, First Nations peoples have learned to observe and listen to the environment.
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Eucalyptus tree
Uncover the secrets of one of Australia's most iconic plants.
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bmbg garden tour thumbnail
Explore the plants and animals, the scientific work and horticulture of the Garden with our immersive virtual tours.
Lightning bolt strikes Sydney Harbour near Opera House
Learn about what happens to these natural lightning rods.
  • Guide and child with torch spotlights, in a twilight rainforest garden
  • Guide and child in a nature area, examining a clear cup with an insect
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