Bottlebrush Garden

Find a range of Australian plants well suited for Australian backyards, plus sustainability ideas for your own garden.

Pink fluffy native flower

The Bottlebrush Garden displays Australian plants that are more commonly available through garden centres as well a range of sustainable ideas that help reduce, reuse and recycle valuable resources into your garden.

The Garden demonstrates water efficiency in the home garden using water tanks, drip irrigation and an array of beautiful water-wise native plants commonly available in local nurseries. Here you will also find information about mulching and composting, correct pruning, turf care and fertilising. 

Facilities include two barbecue areas, two picnic shelters, table settings and toilets.

Callistemon pallidus pink flower in bloom

Callistemon pallidus, or Lemon bottlebrush

Plants found in this area are Australian natives that are well-suited for backyard gardens.