Dharug Country

We honour and respect all Elders and Traditional Custodians of these lands. 

Small waterfall cascading into a pond, footbridge above it and towering ferns.

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah is on Dharug Country.

We recognise that the Garden is within historical, ceremonial and traditional trade grounds for the Dharug people. The traditional name of Mount Tomah means tree fern.

The Blue Mountains were initially seen as impassable by early Europeans. However, Mount Tomah and the surrounding Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area provided important trade routes for Aboriginal peoples. With a diverse array of flora and fauna, ample fresh water, rock shelters and views to the coast, it was a safe haven for many local Aboriginal peoples for tens of thousands of years.

Botanic Gardens of Sydney is dedicated to documenting, researching and protecting plants. 

Integral to our plant knowledge and our stewardship is the Garden’s relationship with the land’s Traditional Custodians and cultural heritage.

aboriginal tour kids and traditional fruit close up
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