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Discover how you can actively contribute to plant conservation and critical scientific research by supporting the Botanic Gardens of Sydney. 

Your support is powerful

We are the oldest scientific institution in Australia and one of the most important historic botanical institutions in the world.

Our world leading research and collections advance fundamental knowledge of plants and drive effective conservation.

We are facing an unprecedented challenge to protect and secure our biodiversity, both locally and globally. Climate change, overdevelopment and introduced diseases are having a significant impact on too many plant species.

The Botanic Gardens of Sydney have the knowledge and people to combat these challenges and protect plants – and the species they support. The Gardens' vital science and research programs require financial certainty to face these man-made challenges.

Every contribution you make to the Botanic Gardens of Sydney has a valuable impact on the future of the Gardens, vital plant conservation research, and critical sustainability efforts. 

The Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens of Sydney is dedicated to building the community that supports the growth, sustainability and impact of the Gardens. We are the independent charity dedicated to raising vital funds for the Botanic Gardens of Sydney to discover, understand and protect plants.

Our supporters of the Botanic Gardens are essential to making a difference for plant science and sustainability – helping to bring together the people, the physical and virtual scientific collections, the research, the services and the facilities of the Botanic Gardens of Sydney.


Every donation contributes to plant conservation and research.

Areas we support;

  • Plant Conservation
  • Advocacy eg: Cahill Express Way, Art Gallery
  • Capital Projects eg: Plant Bank
  • Research into plant conservation and ecosystem resilience
  • Specialised equipment
  • Education and scholarships


In addition, your support and donations enable us to operate and run important education and community outreach initiatives like Community Greening, which helps bring the power of plants to disadvantaged groups in the form of community gardens.  

When you donate, volunteer, join Foundation and Friends, or become a corporate partner, you're supporting our mission and enriching your own experience with the natural world by becoming a part of our conservation community. 

Together, let's harness the power of plants and make a difference for generations to come.

Explore the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan

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Botanic Gardens of Sydney volunteers

Join a vibrant community and contribute your skills towards furthering horticulture, science and visitor experiences.
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Learn about Foundation & Friends

Learn about the community group focussed on supporting the Gardens.
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Community Greening

Learn how to get involved with Community Greening and help connect communities with the environment.
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Other ways to support

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Your donation can help continue the Gardens' vital work towards plant conservation and education.
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Enjoy discounts, exclusive experiences, and the knowledge that you're part of a community making a difference.
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Celebrate a special moment, acknowledge your love or give a meaningful gift by dedicating a bench in the Garden.