Our brand

The Botanic Gardens of Sydney logo and brand represents the power of plants.

Botanic Gardens of Sydney encompasses Australia’s premier botanical research institute, Sydney’s leading outdoor entertainment precinct, and three world-leading botanic gardens.

Botanic Gardens of Sydney is more than just a name and a logo. It represents an inclusive organisation that is dedicated to seeing people, communities, institutions and industries informed and inspired by the power of plants and support their conservation.

It reinforces our purpose, which is to provide solutions to critical environmental challenges facing all life on earth and improve the quality of people’s lives through joyous connection to our inspiring public spaces within our Botanic Gardens and The Domain Sydney.

Botanic Gardens of Sydney’s vital role in botanical science is recognised through our ongoing and dedicated research and education programs under the Australian Institute of Botanical Science (the Institute). The Institute will continue to lead our role globally in botanical science and research contributing to a brighter future for generations to come. It will also guide the delivery of education programs, so important to growing awareness and interest in plants with the next generation.

The values that underpin our brand, reflect the organisation we strive to be. One that is innovative and creative yet inspires curiosity and dedication. It is these values that will help to drive our organisation forward and ensure we continue to be recognised globally for our contribution to understanding, protecting, and conserving plants.

Botanic Gardens of Sydney’s community is diverse, including many who volunteer their time to lend a hand through to those with whom we collaborate or partner on important research projects. We believe the new brand will resonate with them too and encourage them to become even greater advocates for our organisation into the future.

The brand’s creative elements have been carefully designed to resonate with diverse audiences. Most important of all are the First Nations’ communities upon whose Country the Gardens and The Domain Sydney are located, the Gadigal of the Eora Nation, the Darug people and Dharawal people.

As we implement our Reconciliation Action Plan, it is critical that the creative elements resonate with the Traditional Custodians of the lands, waters, and sky of these significant places. The new design gives meaning to symbols such as cupped hands for drinking water at cultural gatherings and receiving items from Elders as well as the sun, the source of life shining through.

The palette proudly includes natural ochre tones.

To all audiences, the new design heroes both our ambition and legacy, and the power of plants.

Botanic Gardens of Sydney logo (inline green dark)

Artist acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge the artists who have contributed to the imagery for the brand and on our website.

The digital kaleidoscope designs were adapted by Pete Flanagan, Swell Design Group, from paintings in the Florilegium Society at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney collection. These paintings were created by the following artists: 

  • Angela Lober - Stenocarpus sinuatus
  • Annie Hughes - Banksia integrifolia
  • Margaret Pieroni - Banksia praemorsa
  • Leigh Ann Gale - Callistemon viminalis
  • Sue Wickison - Alloxylon flammeum


Read more about Florilegium

The design for the Acknowledgement of Country has been adapted from the painting, Connections by Darren Charlwood, a Wiradjuri man from the Yibaay Wagaan kin group.

Connections was created as part of the Botanic Gardens of Sydney’s Reconciliation Action Plan and tells the story of the impact and influence of the Botanic Gardens throughout the community over the years.

Read about our First Nations Engagement Strategy and Reconciliation Action Plan

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