Plant conservation and discoveries

We protect and conserve plants through cutting-edge science and research. Learn about our latest conservation efforts and discoveries to help protect the world's plants and promote sustainability. 

Plant conservation and discoveries lie at the heart of what we do at the Botanic Gardens of Sydney.


With cutting-edge science and research, we've made significant progress in plant protection, identification, adaptation, and restoration to restore critically endangered plant species and habitats.

Learn about our latest efforts to understand what we can all do to protect the land, solve critical environmental challenges, and promote sustainable practices.

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Clever engineering is at the heart of this energy-efficient facility.
Science advancements
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Why use scientific names for plants? How can plants be classified? Scientists answer these frequently asked questions.
Science advancements
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Plant science and conservation come together at the Australian PlantBank.
Science advancements
A dried herbarium plant specimen comprising flowers and foliage, collected by early Blue Mountains settler and amateur botanist, Louisa Atkinson Calvert.
Do you want to preserve a plant specimen for your own reference or to bring into our Plant ID counter? 
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Would you like to grow healthy food, celebrate community and help support recovery? 
Gardening tips
Scientist Maurizio Rossetto collects field data with a tablet
Join us to hear from world-renowned speakers and scientists from the Botanic Gardens and other organizations.
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Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan
A massive project is under way at Mount Annan that will contribute to our urban canopy and vital science.
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The Wollemi pine lives in just one canyon in the Blue Mountains but fossil evidence suggests it was once widespread.
Science advancements
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Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan
Artist Badger Bates, Aboriginal Elders and community members are working together to repair the memorial.
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Have you seen a Wollemi Pine growing in a park or garden?
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Scientist Cathy Offord examines petri dishes in lab
Learn about how the Gardens' work to conserve and restore resilient ecosystems.
Science advancements
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Learn how to grow natives and vegetables, get rid of pests and more.
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