Maurizio Rossetto

Head of the Research Centre for Ecosystem Resilience


With a diverse range of projects under his supervision, Maurizio's expertise lies in evolutionary ecology and biodiversity management.  

Maurizio Rossetto is the Head of the Research Centre for Ecosystem Resilience at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. 

He has played a pivotal role in the flagship conservation program, ‘Restore and Renew’, which began in 2015. This project aims to provide restoration practitioners with a valuable tool to rejuvenate and conserve environments effectively. He is also involved in conservation genomics in support of ‘Save our Species’, and rainforest evolution and conservation. 

Driven by his passion for understanding the distribution and assembly of plant species, Maurizio is dedicated to protecting the unique biodiversity found in Australia. He finds fulfilment in the combination of leading groundbreaking research, and collaborating with an exceptional team of young scientists and external stakeholders. 

Maurizio's educational background includes a degree in Biology with Honours, a Masters in Biotechnology, and a PhD in Conservation Biology. Throughout his career, he has been recognised for his contributions and takes great pride in supporting and mentoring a growing team of diverse and brilliant young scientists. 

While Maurizio appreciates all plant species, he holds a particular fondness for rainforests. His initial focus as a zoologist shifted to plant DNA research when he discovered its significance in understanding species movement and responses to the environment. Over twenty years ago, his exploration of rainforest ecology, inspired by the remaining pockets of rainforest in NSW known as the Big Scrub, laid the foundation for his work. 

Maurizio envisions the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney as a scientifically impactful institution that is recognised nationally and internationally as a leader in its field. With his dedication to cutting-edge conservation methodologies, Maurizio is committed to advancing the understanding and protection of Australia's rich natural heritage.