Living Collections Strategy

A strategic approach to deliver living collections that are comprehensive, representative, resilient and expertly curated across Botanic Gardens of Sydney, and available to support conservation, research, education, and cultural connections. 

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Botanic Gardens of Sydney has led the development of knowledge about plants, their cultivation, biology, documentation, and conservation for more than 200 years.

We care for a diversity of mature and evolving collections across three botanic gardens as well as The Domain Sydney and the Australian PlantBank. 

The living collections are central to the organisation’s core functions and strategic objectives. Our Living Collections Strategy, prepared by drawing on the vast expertise and knowledge within Botanic Gardens of Sydney, provides a 20-year framework to curate our collections to the highest international standards.  

The Strategy outlines the goals and outcomes that will ensure our living collections retain their integrity, and resilience in the face of a rapidly changing environment. It will support a sustainable approach that facilitates meaningful partnerships and strengthens our contribution to local and global plant conservation endeavours.

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What is a living collection?

A living collection is an assemblage of plants which is curated, data-based and grown or stored for a defined purpose including reference, research, conservation, education, or ornamental display. 

Living collections and associated interpretations educate our visitors about the role of botanic gardens, providing a tangible representation of the horticulture, science, conservation, and education undertaken across the organisation. As such, living collections act as ambassadors for wild and in situ populations, creating unique opportunities for visitors to engage with species and concepts, and inspiring emotional connections to the natural world. 

Why a Living Collections Strategy?

The purpose of the Strategy is to present a 20-year vision and roadmap for the existing and future living collections held by Botanic Gardens of Sydney. It will provide strategic direction across the various gardens and facilities, ensuring that the acquisition, curation, and use of the living collections is conducted in a cohesive and coordinated manner to deliver on the intended outcomes. 

Botanic Gardens of Sydney will use this Strategy to contribute to conservation and broader understanding of our flora while improving opportunities for people to engage with and learn about plant conservation and cultural connections to the living collections.


If you have questions about our living collections or would like to discuss the Living Collections Strategy, please contact us at [email protected]

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