Growing native gardens and bush foods

The beauty of native plants is that they are designed for the Australian climate, so a bush tucker garden at your place is easier than you may think.

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Whether it’s a hedge, garden bed or small balcony space, there is a diverse range of stunning native plants to choose from to create a unique Australian Bush Tucker Garden at your home. 

By no means is this a complete list of the most popular Australian bush tucker plants, but it is a good place to start if you are thinking of introducing a few sustainable (and special) plants to your home garden. We hope you enjoy the bonus recipe included in our eBook.

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The key to growing native plants in Sydney gardens is soil preparation...
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hydrangea thumbnail
Hardenbergia violacea is hard to go past if you’re wanting to design a garden that’s colourful, low maintenance...
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two waratah flowers
The New South Wales Waratah grows naturally in patches of sandy loam on ridges and plateaus in Sydney.
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Pink and white paper daisies against a pale blue sky
Every year in spring the Australian native Paper Daisies light up the wildflower season with their dazzling colours.
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Wollemi Pine foliage
The discovery of this ancient rainforest tree from the time of Gondwanaland caused a global sensation.
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Cypress tree with spindly leaves, seed pods and orange flowers
Prostrate Casuarina glauca are ideal landscaping plants for the home garden, they're a living mulch, suppress weeds...
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aboriginal close up fruits
Are you interested in bush tucker plants but unsure where to start?
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Pink Flannel Flowers
Celebrate Australia's unique flora and plant the much-loved Flannel Flower in your home garden.
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Murnong Yam Daisy
The coconut-like tasting roots of these bright yellow flowers are a key staple food for First Nations people.
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