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Listen to our award-winning podcast Branch Out to discover the surprising world of plants featuring passionate scientists and plant experts from around the world.

Discover the surprising world of plants

Prepare to go on an audio adventure to discover the surprising world of plants in our award-winning Branch Out podcast.

Whether it’s investigating plant intelligence, solving crimes, sending seeds to space, or learning about witchcraft – prepare to be amazed by the power of plants. In each episode you’ll join host and producer, Vanessa Fuchs to uncover fascinating stories about plants and the cutting-edge science and horticulture that goes into saving them.    

Loved by botanists, armchair scientists, and gardening enthusiasts alike, Branch Out is your behind-the-scenes pass into our botanic gardens, science facilities, the Australian bush, and the minds of passionate plant experts from around the world.

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Episode 49: Machete-wielding plant

Discover how artist David Bowen turned the harmless Philodendron into a machete-wielding plant in the latest Fast Flora Facts edition of Branch Out.

Episode 48: Tree detective at the pub

Branch Out host, Vanessa Fuchs, went on a field trip to the Keg and Brew in Surry Hills, Sydney for the Pint of Science event earlier this year. Hit play below to hear about the effect of climate change on urban trees from Dr Manuel Esperon-Rodriguez, the "tree detective" from Western Sydney University.


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