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Listen to our award-winning podcast Branch Out to discover the surprising world of plants featuring experts from around the world.

Discover the surprising world of plants in our award-winning Branch Out podcast.

Whether it’s investigating plant intelligence, solving crimes, sending seeds to space, or learning about witchcraft – prepare to be amazed by the power of plants. In each episode of Branch Out you’ll join host and producer, Vanessa Fuchs, to uncover fascinating stories about plants and the cutting-edge science and horticulture that goes into saving them.

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Episode 50: Curating plant-love at The Calyx

Go behind the scenes with Senior Horticulturist Terra-Nova Sadowski at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney to discover what it takes to curate and care for the incredible display of over 20,000 plants inside The Calyx. The latest immersive horticulture display is called Love Your Nature. It celebrates and showcases the colourful, diverse, and fascinating world of plant reproduction and diversity. You'll learn about prehistoric plants that use clones, spores, and seeds to reproduce, and flowering plants that employ colours, shapes, and scents to attract animals.


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