Impact of corporate partnerships

Discover how our corporate partners contribute to critical conservation efforts, and become inspired by the ways your organisation can also help positively impact our environment.

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Explore some of our corporate partner project collaborations that address critical environmental challenges and be inspired to help your business make a difference. 

MetLife Australia promoting reconciliation with First Nations communities through Indigenous cultural training

Our partnership with MetLife Australia has a promising future.  

As part of its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), MetLife aims to build understanding, demonstrate respect, and promote reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. MetLife has partnered with The Botanic Gardens of Sydney to help put these commitments into action by educating their employees through Indigenous cultural training facilitated by our First Nations team.  

  • Together, we're promoting the journey towards reconciliation by: 
  • learning from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 
  • recognising the history of our nation and these communities 
  • educating employees through Indigenous cultural training facilitated by our First Nations team. 


Key successes 

  • Striving for greater diversity and reduced inequalities through education and advocacy, MetLife is working with Indigenous recruiting organisations to address the lack of First Nations representation within its business. To build on these efforts, MetLife sought our input on developing a more targeted impact for its next RAP. 
  • Supporting a more resilient environment, MetLife has been carbon neutral since 2016 and integrating sustainability best practices across its operations, including responsible investments, such as green buildings, renewable energy projects and affordable housing. Through our partnership, MetLife is gaining a deeper insight into our sustainability projects, encouraging employees to take ownership of their sustainability impact and volunteer in green environment activities.  

Transgrid gives back through their support of the Australian Institute of Botanical Science

In 2010, Transgrid sponsored the construction of the Australian PlantBankSeed Processing Room. Their continued association enables our scientists to: 

  • Work towards a global target of conserving 75% of NSW threatened plant species, including flora by 2020 
  • Research conservation techniques for vulnerable rainforest species 
  • Developing alternative conservation measures for those that can’t be put into a seedbank 
  • Exchange with seedbanks worldwide to ensure best practice 


Key successes 

  • Transgrid Family Days engage employees and their families to make a difference, including helping to extend the Cumberland Plain Woodland Ecological Community, working on our African Olive Control Program, and planting over 230 new grasses at the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan.  
  • In February 2020, Transgrid launched its second Reconciliation Action Plan at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, attended by over 50 Indigenous community members and corporate and government stakeholders. 

HSBC Legacy Partnership – Driving plant conservation across two decades

HSBC was a Principal Partner of the Gardens from 1997-2023, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the environment and the Sydney community. Their contributions to this field are immeasurable, and their support of the Gardens shows the benefit that long-term partnerships have for our research, programs, and community outreach.

With a shared passion for environmental protection, responding to environmental emergencies, introducing a diverse collection of plants to the Gardens, and supporting research to advance scientific knowledge, this legacy partnership serves as a shining example of what we can achieve through collaboration and commitment with our partners. 

Key successes 

  • HSBC's longstanding investment in Seedbank and Plantbank has contributed significantly to the protection of NSW threatened species, with 75% of these now stored and capacity to reach 100% in future years.  
  • HSBC's investment in the Investigating Rainforest Resilience project brings together critical genetic information, seed resources and seed biology in a whole of ecosystem approach to preserving endangered ecological communities.  
  • HSBC helped fund the Australian Institute of Botanical Science in 2021. Encompassing world-leading research programs, facilities and collections, the Institute advances fundamental knowledge of plants to drive effective solutions to the damaging effects of a changing climate.​ 

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