Wonders of the Garden - Blue Stop

Hey curious kids! Visit the four garden stops to discover new wonders of the Garden. 

Grove of different species of Palm trees, with orange flowering cliveas growing in the undercanopy

Encounter a Giant

Welcome to Palm Grove, an exciting area of the Garden where you’ll find over 300 palm species! 

Amongst the bunch you’ll find the tallest tree in the Garden! Have you spotted it towering above you? It’s the Queensland Kauri Pine, or Agathis robusta. This tree has leathery green leaves, produces large seed cones and can grow up to 40 metres tall. Wow that’s tall!

Walk down the mulched path to your left to take a closer look at this towering giant.

Activity: A meeting with a tree

Use your senses… 


Point to the base of its trunk where it touches the soil, then up all the way to its upper leafy canopy. Can you see the very top?


Walk the mulched path to reach the trunk of the Kauri pine. You’re invited to gently hug the tree to measure the width with your arm span. How many people might you need to reach around the whole trunk?


Pause in silence. Can you hear the rustling of leaves of the Kauri? Can you hear the sounds nearby trees or animals might be making?


Imagine what stories the Kauri might tell if it could talk about what it’s seen in its 171 years? What questions would you ask it: What’s your favourite season? What animals visit you at night? Has anyone famous hugged you? Get friends and family to act as the Kauri pine and answer your questions and then swap roles.

Next stop

To see some weird and wonderful succulents, use your map above to navigate to the Orange Stop.

Visit the Orange Stop