Wonders of the Garden - Orange Stop

Hey curious kids! Visit the four garden stops to discover new wonders of the Garden.


Sensational Succulents

Welcome to the Succulent Garden! 

Built on the site of Australia’s first zoo, this display is now home to some of our strangest and most beautiful plants. Here you’ll find arid-loving plants of all different sizes, colours and forms from all around the world.

Activity: Spot that plant

Explore the wonderful Succulent Garden around you. 

Here you’ll find plants covered in thick sharp spikes, plants with bluish-green leaves, plants that appear covered in fabulous fluffy hairs.

With all this variety in the Succulent Garden let’s look closely at the plants and play a game of spotto! First walk around the garden and find the plants with fluffy hairs. Compare them and look at the labels. Where do they come from? Do the same for the plants that have thick visible spikes. Why do you think plants might have hairy or spiky parts? How does it help the plant survive? Please do not touch the plants: they’re spiky!

Next stop

Head to the Pink Stop. Use your map and look out for this tree!

Visit the Pink Stop