Wonders of the Garden - Purple Stop

We hope you’ve enjoyed this self-guided trail through the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. Now it’s time to enjoy Desert Jungle, an exhibition by Jeannie Baker.


Desert Jungle exhibition

Explore Jeannie Baker’s spectacular and astonishing collages capturing the deep beauty, mystery, and hidden vitality of the desert landscape – and why it needs our protection.

In this exhibition you will find amazing collage landscapes of remote Sonoran Desert in Mexico by Jeanie Baker. These artworks tell the story of a young boy visiting his grandfather and discovering the desert that he once feared is actually a place of endless wonders.

Activity: My plant journal

Inspired by the journey of the young boy exploring the wonders of the Sonoran Desert, we invite you to create your own story inspired by nature around you! 

Pick up a story booklet and fill in your nature story. Feel free to sit and take inspiration from the amazing desert landscapes within the exhibition, or perhaps find ideas out and about in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney or continue the story at your favourite park near home.

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