Art in the Garden

Students explore works from Jeannie Baker’s Desert Jungle book and exhibition, to learn about thriving desert landscapes, biodiversity, and experience the wonder of time spent in nature.

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Stage 4


Visual arts


2 hours


Rathborne Lodge, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

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Limited time only

This excursion is run in conjunction with the Jeannie Baker Desert Jungle exhibition and will therefore only be available from 20 May until 28 June 2024. Don't miss out, book your spot now!

Inspiration from the Desert Jungle exhibition

Desert Jungle, an exhibition of stunning artworks from renowned children’s author Jeannie Baker is coming to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Bring your students and join our skilled educators to explore the Garden and the exhibition, to learn about biodiversity, thriving desert landscapes, connection to place, and to experience the wonders of time spent in nature.

Through visual arts and literature, close observation, mindfulness and art making, students explore ideas about their relationship to the natural world and learn about the benefits of connection to the natural environment.

Students will

  • Explore the Desert Jungle exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
  • Visit the Succulent Garden and be inspired by the amazing shapes and textures of succulents and cacti
  • Examine and use a range of art mediums e.g. ochre, charcoal, rubbings, dyes, watercolours and pencils
  • Explore nature journaling, a practice that blends art, science, and mindfulness, using their visual art diaries
  • Experience the benefits of connecting to nature using five senses

Key content

  • Explore the intersections between art-making and storytelling 
  • Make art in diverse locations in the Garden including in desert and rainforest landscapes
  • Develop a sense of wonder through sensory exploration and nature journaling in the Garden

Links to New South Wales curriculum

Focus Syllabus Outcomes

Visual Arts

  • Use a range of strategies to explore different artmaking conventions and procedures to make artworks (4.1)  
  • Explore the function of and relationships between the artist – artwork – world – audience (4.2) 
  • Makes artworks that involve some understanding of the frames (4.3) 
  • Recognise and uses aspects of the world as a source of ideas, concepts and subject matter in the visual arts (4.4) 
  • Select different materials and techniques to make artworks (4.6)
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“Open your heart, listen, and see what wonders show themselves”

Create a full-day program

Combine your Botanic Gardens of Sydney excursion with the stage 4 Creative Writing Adventures excursion at the State Library of NSW.