Insect hotel

Make a pollinator's palace and give your six-legged friends a place to stay.

A blue-banded bee on a purple flower

What you need

  • Small, hollow sticks (bamboo is best).
  • Leaves, pine cones, twigs and bits of bark.
  • A container – a tin can, wooden box or plastic plant pot.

A pollinator's palace

Making your hotel
  1. Put your container on the ground with the open side facing up.
  2. Fill the container with your materials so the ends are all pointing upwards.
  3. Make sure you pack the box tightly so the twigs and sticks don't move around.
    Location Location
    • Look for a spot that gets sun and shade.
    • A place near flowering bushes or trees and a water source will be ideal for your tiny guests.
    • It's best to put your hotel undercover so it doesn't get wet when it rains.
    • Make sure your hotel is placed securely so it doesn't tip over.


    Who's on your guest list?
    • Native bees like to live in hollow sticks and rolled-up leaves.
    • Straw, tiny twigs and leaves are great for crickets and millipedes.
    • Keep an eye on your hotel to see who moves in!

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