Make your own digging sticks

Did you know that people have been using digging sticks as tools for thousands of years? You can have great fun exploring the delights under the ground too by easily creating your own digging sticks. 

A collections of sticks in different shapes and sizes lying on a piece of sandstone.

How to create your digging stick

  • Find a strong stick that fits well in your hand or ask your parents for help.  
  • Rub the end of the stick on a gravel concrete surface or a rough stone until it is pointy enough to dig with.

Natural digging sticks can be used to:

  • Dig a burrow for a small creature to live in
  • See if you can find creepy crawlies or worms

  • Discover special rocks, crystals, or fossils

  • Make a river by digging a channel and pouring a cup of water into it.

Digging stick safety

  • Dig carefully and slowly. You don’t want to hurt any creatures living in the soil.
  • Only use your stick for digging – never point it at other people.

  • Never run while carrying a stick. Always walk.

  • Keep the sharp end of the stick pointed towards the ground.

  • Always dig away from people.

Information for parents and guardians

  • Always supervise your children.
  • Eucalyptus branches work well to craft a digging stick.

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