Key projects managed by the Australian Plantbank

The Australian PlantBank provides a source of native plant germplasm and associated data as a resource for the future.

Just like money can be withdrawn from a bank, our plants are 'withdrawn' for use in research, ecological restoration or translocation. Seeds and cuttings are 'deposited' at the Australian PlantBank from native bushland, stock plants or seed production areas, adding to our future savings.

Understanding our native plants is crucial to restoring and conserving plants on the brink, and key to using the seeds for future ecological restoration.

Dr Zoe Joy Newby examines an orchid
The Botanic Gardens of Sydney has been dedicated to the conservation of orchids for over 20 years.
Persoonia hirsuta branch and flowers with an insect on it
Some Persoonia species are rare and threatened. Our research is vital for ensuring their populations will persistt.
Scientist Cathy Offord looks at Wollemi Pines in a nursery
The Wollemi Pine is teetering on the edge of extinction. Learn how the Botanic Gardens are helping to save them.
Macadamia nuts on a tree
Learn how we're working to conserve Australian rainforest plant species.

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Native purple and yellow plants
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