Succulent mini-gardens are back

Learn how to make your own living piece of art with all types of succulents.

Succulent  garden hero

Give your Instagram followers something to double tap with images of your very own succulent garden. Growing succulents seems like a breeze but there are tips and tricks to styling and nurturing these popular plants. Expert Horticulturist, Angie Thomas will guide you through the wonderful world of succulents and help you style a succulent masterpiece in the Q&A below. 

You had me at aloe

So you love succulents but don’t know where to start? Before you deep dive into the sensational world of succulents there are a few things you need to consider like which succulents are easy to grow, how much sunshine the plant will need and more.

What are the easiest varieties of succulents?

Mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the easiest succulents to grow. Tolerant of neglect, lack of water and low light levels. It makes a great indoor succulent. The Jade plant is also another hardy succulent and another indoor contender.

What should I look for when buying a new plant?

Healthy foliage and compact growth with no signs of pests or diseases.

Do succulents need sunshine?

Yes! Different succulents will do best in different levels of light. Some love full sun, others can grow in a more sheltered spot, including indoors.

Learn how to propagate plants with this how-to video.

Oops, I wet my plants

Some succulents thrive with a bit of neglect but because they are such spectacular plants we tend to give them too much love and attention. Over watering succulents will lead to root rot and eventually the plant will perish. Find out some common questions about watering your precious plants.

Do I need to water my succulent every day?

Probably not, unless it is growing in a very hot and dry spot in a tiny pot that dries out very quickly. Most succulents can grow well with just one watering a fortnight, less in winter.

Can you plant succulents in pots without holes?

Yes, you can, as long as you’re very careful about how much water you apply. You will also need to consider the pot is outside or exposed to rain as this will impact the moisture of the soil. It’s recommended to check the soil regularly, especially before watering.

We are succas for succulents

There are thousands of varieties of succulents ranging from yellow and red to hairy and spikey. They are seen in everything from wedding boutonnières to hanging planters. This trend will be around for while because of uniqueness and diversity of succulents.

Why do some succulents look hairy?

Some succulents have adapted to grow in quite harsh conditions. Hairy leaves help to protect them from the elements, including reducing moisture loss from the leaves and acting as a bit of a barrier to sunlight. Hairy leaves can also help to reduce insect and animal attack.

What are some of the more unique succulents?

Haworthia looks like it’s made from glass, Lithops succulents look like rocks and Albuca is pretty amazing!

Get your hands dirty

We promise that you don’t have to be a green thumb to enjoy the wonderful world of succulents.

In need of more inspiration? The Succulent Garden at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is home to a remarkable collection of peculiar and fascinating specimens from the Americas and Africa.  

If you love getting your hands dirty and want to spend more time outside there are a range of volunteering programs like Community Greening gardens

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