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Take a leaf out of our books (and videos) with a masterclass in gardening from our horticulture experts.

Get top tips from our horticulturists on growing natives, advice for seasonal garden care and container propagation, creating colourful sensory gardens and no-dig vegetable gardens, identifying what pests are on your plants and how to get rid of them, and more. 

And don't miss our seasonal magazine, Oh My Garden! for gardening inspiration, horticulture hacks, and other practical plant tips.

With a little bit of help, your garden can be as healthy and beautiful as ours.

spring gardening tips thumbnail
Vegetables, annuals and perennials that are perfect for sowing in Spring and early Summer.
vege garden still thumbnail
Autumn is an active time in the garden with plenty to be done. Find out how to get the best out of your vege patch.
herb garden thumbnail
If you’re looking for ideas for your garden you can’t go wrong with herbs. 
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You don’t need a green thumb or large space to grow veggies at home or on your balcony.
summer blog thumbnail
Summer brings longer days and the opportunity to spend more time pottering in the garden.
spiral garden thumbnail
Herb spirals are space-saving, energy-efficient gardens designed to use nature’s forces to their advantage.
gardening for good health thumbnail
Discover how gardening has been beneficial in our community gardeners' lives.
succulent garden thumbnail
Learn how to make your own living piece of art with all types of succulents.
pesticides thumbnail
We use pesticides to treat pests, weeds and diseases, and aim to use chemicals in an environmentally responsible way.
protea close up thumbnail
Grow colourful Proteas to thrive in your home garden with advice from the experts at the Botanic Gardens of Sydney. 
turf tumbnail
Turf management is a scientific process and a perfectly manicured lawn takes time, dedication and consistency.
wicking garden thumbnail
Wicking beds are a sustainable and effective means of growing your favourite plants while reducing water-use.
venus fly trap thumbnail
Who knew that sticky, sneaky and freaky plants are good to have around the house? 
rhipsalis close up thumbnail
There is much to admire about the plant genus Rhipsalis.
thyme tower thumbnail
You don't need to spend a lot of money or buy new things to make an attractive planter. 
Armillaria Root Rot
Learn how to tackle common plant diseases including Phytophthora, Armillaria and Fusarium Willt.

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