Survive and Thrive

Plants have amazing adaptations that ensure their growth and survival.

Close up of silver-green plant in the Succulent Garden

Stage 3


Science and Technology


2 hours


Visitor Centre, Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah

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Examine a range of native plants from contrasting rainforest and arid environments, observe the amazing adaptations that allow them to grow and survive. 

In research teams, conduct a scientific investigation and complete scientific illustrations, fine tuning skills and making connections between the physical conditions in which plants live and their growth and survival.

Students will

  • Conduct a scientific investigation into how environmental conditions affect the growth, survival and adaptation of plants in two contrasting environments (arid and rainforest)
  • Complete a scientific illustration after making observations and using scientific measurement tools
  • ​Consider a testable scientific question, formulate a hypothesis, collect and analyse data to communicate conclusions 

Key content

  • Investigating how physical conditions effect the survival of plants
  • Examining the structural and behavioural adaptations that support the survival of plants in rainforest and arid environments
  • Conducting a comparative scientific study using tools
  • Performing a scientific investigation to draw a scientific diagram
  • Applying reasoning to draw conclusions

Links to New South Wales curriculum

Focus Syllabus Outcomes


  • Plans and conducts scientific investigations to answer testable questions and collects and summarises data to communicate conclusions (ST3-1WS-S)
  • Examines how the environment affects the growth, survival and adaptation of living things (ST3-4LW-S)
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Discover the amazing adaptations that allow them to grow and survive.